High Temperature Materials


Refractory Fire Bricks & Materials

We are among the leading refractory suppliers in Melbourne. In addition to our range of quality refractory suppliesincluding fire bricks, refractory bricks, high temperature concretes, insulation and mortar, we provide an assortment of miscellaneous products and materials which complement our primary product range. These include:

  • High temperature blankets : Superwool fire blanket. Application : laid like carpet and used as insulation.
  • High temperature calcium silicate board or Vermiculite board: Insulation board, solid version of the blanketApplication : Often used for oven bases
  • Vermiculite: Natural mineral which expands with the application of heat. As a granular insulating material, Vermiculite has a flexible consistency as loose-fill insulation Application : Used as a flexible form of insulation and heat proofing.
  • High temperature cement: Calcium aluminate cement Application: Used for mixing, especially in conjunction with vermiculite to create consistency


What Material is Right for You?

Refractory supplies need to be chosen according to the conditions they will face. Depending on the environment, they need to be resistant to thermal shock or chemically inert. If you are undertaking a project and are unsure what materials to use, our team of experts will be happy to help.