High Temperature Concretes

Refractory Castable cement

Castable refractory cement is a pre-mixed high temperature concrete. All one has to do is add water to it and mix it well. Once the mix solidifies, it has very similar characteristics to fire bricks. The big advantage with castable refractory cement is that it can be poured into place, filling cracks and gaps that a brick would not be able to.

We provide high temperature concrete solutions on a case by case basis. Our customers have diverse requirements for a wide variety of applications. They present us with a list of their needs, or an idea of what they need, and we help them with advice about what materials are the right fit for their purposes.

Our high temperature concretes can tolerate extremely harsh conditions without getting damaged or destroyed. Our range can be used for repair purposes or simply as structural concrete. It is perfect for applications in which fire bricks are used.


Whether you need material for domestic or commercial purposes such as to make an outdoor barbeque or a restaurant pizza oven, or industrial purposes such as manufacturing large kilns or heat treatment furnaces, we provide you refractory castable material along with:

  • Industry experience and technical expertise
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Excellent product quality

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