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A fire brick is a block of refractory ceramic material. Due to the wide range of properties of ceramic materials - they are hard, wear-resistant, non-magnetic, oxidation-resistant and chemically stable - they are an effective refractory material for insulators.

Dense fire bricks can withstand high heat and have low thermal conductivity to save energy. They are usually used where there is exposure to significant chemical, thermal or mechanical stress, which would cause an ordinary building material to break down. They have a number of useful domestic applications and are quite easy to cut, provided one has the right equipment and knowhow.

For less harsh applications, such as in an electric or natural gaas-fired kiln, the more porous kiln bricks are a better choice. Though they are weaker, kiln bricks are much lighter, easier to form, and insulate far better than dense ones.

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Our Range

Our complete range of fire bricks includes:

1) Straight 2) Split-Size: Available in varying thickness - 75mm, 50mm, 38mm and 25mm 3) Arch: These taper in size across the width to form an arch. Available in 51mm and 63mm 4) Tile: These are often used on the base of ovens. Available dimensions: 305mm x 305mm x 50mm Fire and kiln bricks in high temperature applications are used in conjunction with an insulating material. They are bound together with high temperature materials such as refractory mortar. For more information on our range, or to get a quote from specialist fire brick supplier, call us on (03) 9314 3211.