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Industrial Products – Shinagawa

By a large margin Shinagawa is the chief manufacturer in Australia of high quality refractory and insulating materials and we are proud to be their sole distributor in Victoria.

A Japanese company, Shinagawa is internationally recognised for the quality of its industrial strength products plus its technological innovation and ongoing R&D efforts. Their products include all aspects of refractory usage and materials. The company operates three manufacturing plants in the region with two being located in Australia and one in New Zealand.

Through our partnering with Shinagawa, we are able to provide a range of industrial refractory products and insulating materials suited for a large array of industries. Among those products are:

  • High quality dry pressed alumina bricks (which have 35 to 95 per cent alumina content)
  • Conventional cement-bonded castables which with accurate formulation provide excellent consistency and performance
  • Conventional castable gunning (includes standard gunning and enhanced abrasion resistance gunning and non-wetting to molten aluminium grades) which are made to cover a full gamut of applications and temperatures up to 1850c
  • High temperature mortars to bind fire bricks and high temperature concrete
  • Low cement casting which are based on ‘state-of-the-art’ refractory castable technology, using the highest quality aggregates, cements and additives
  • Low cement gunning combines the superb physical properties of low cement castables, with the speed and ease of installation by gunning
  • Self-flow castables (both conventional and low cement) are designed for ease of installation
  • Strong basic monolithic refractories which have a unique bonding system and provide excellent resistance to molten metals
  • Insulating castable monolithics for use up to 1800c
  • Mouldables provide both strength and volume constancy no matter what the temperature range
  • Clay and alumina based jointing mortars

The Fire Brick & Refractory Company is proud to be an Australian owned and operated company. The majority of the products that we provide our customers are manufactured in Australia.

Be it about the refractory products or insulating materials needed to make either a wood fired oven or an industrial strength kiln, our staff can give you the right advice and direction. Please call 03 9314 3211 or submit an online form.