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High Temperature Mortars

Quality High Temperature Mortars

High temperature mortar is essential where fire bricks and high temperature concretes are used. When used with other refractory materials, the high temperature mortar ensures ultimate heat resistance and safety, as well as damage or breakdown prevention.

Properties and Applications

This cement-based material sets rapidly and is utilised for filling in the joints between bricks for maximum strength and safety. It is heat-resistant up to 1000c which makes it the ideal choice for high temperature applications such as pizza ovens, kilns , fireplaces, barbeques , air-heaters, chimneys and blast furnaces.

Fire Brick

Our Products

The Fire Brick and Refractory Company offer a quality range of high temperature mortar products. Our mortar varieties include:

  • Dry: Powder which requires mixing with water before use
  • Wet: Pre-mixed for your convenience and ease of use

As these mortars can be water soluble, they should not be used for outdoor applications or be exposed to constant moisture or wetness.

If you are not sure which of our products is best suited for your purpose, call us on (03) 9314 3211 to speak to one of our friendly technicians. Alternatively, you can fill out our online enquiry form and we shall be in touch, shortly.