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Quality High Temperature Concretes

No matter if your high temperature concrete or refractory castables requirements are big or small, The Fire Brick & Refractory Company can provide you with expert friendly assistance and high quality products.

From making a barbeque in the backyard or a restaurant pizza oven or large industrial kilns or heat treatment furnaces we guarantee to provide you with:

  • Industry experience and technical expertise
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Excellent product quality

Customers typically have all types of different applications and conditions. The high temperature concrete solutions we provide are done on a case by case basis with customers typically presenting us with a list or an idea of what they need and we help them from there to fulfil those needs.

Our concretes or refractory castables tolerate elevated degree conditions minus damage or destruction. Given our expertise in being able to understand industrial application requirements, we design for our customers the concretes or castables to suit specific needs and for extreme environment application.

Our high temperature concrete range can be used for repair purposes or simply as a structural concrete. It is perfect for many applications where fire bricks are used.

The staff at The Fire Brick & Refractory Company prides themselves on their dedication to customer service and the industry knowledge they have. We respond to all enquires and provide quick turnarounds on quotes.

The Fire Brick & Refractory Company is proudly an Australian run and owned company. Most of the products and materials that we sell are manufactured in Australia.

For Delivery

With plenty of stock on the shelf, we are in the position to be able to provide our customers with extraordinarily fast delivery times, sometimes within 24 hours. Our delivery service includes shipping both locally in Australia and overseas.

More Information

Be it about how we can help with constructing your pizza oven or about our range of quality Shinagawa products please get in touch with us on 03 9314 3211 or by submitting an online enquiry. Also please feel to come visit us at The Fire Brick & Refractory Company, West Circuit Sunshine West, Victoria.