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Fire Brick


Fire bricks or refractory bricks

A fire brick or refractory brick are the same thing; a block of refractory ceramic material. A

refractory brick withstands high heat, and has low thermal conductivity to save energy. Fire bricks

are usually used where there is exposure to significant chemical, thermal or mechanical stress,

which would cause an ordinary brick or building material to break down.

Fire Brick Range

The Fire Brick and Refractory Company have a range of different sized fire bricks, to suit a variety

of applications.

1)Straight fire bricks:

2)Split size fire bricks:different thicknesses including 75mm, 50mm, 38mm and 25mm.

3) Arch fire bricks: taper in size across the width to form an arch, 51mm and 63mm available.

4) Fire brick tiles:often used on the base of ovens, 305mm x 305mm x 50mm.

Refractory  brick


Fire bricks or refractory bricks are utilised in the lining of wood fired ovens, pizza ovens, kilns,

furnaces and fire places. High temperature fire bricks are often used in conjunction with high

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