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Domestic & Commercial Refractory Products
Domestic & Commercial Refractory Products
The Fire Brick and Refractory Company supply a large range of fire bricks and other refractory products
Industrial Refractory Products
Industrial Refractory Products
There are many industrial applications for the various refractory products.

Welcome to The Fire Brick & Refractory Company

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No matter if you're an individual looking for fire brick and ceramic materials
to make an Italian woodoven or you are a large company wanting to build a foundry,
at The Fire Brick & Refractory Company we can guarantee you three things:
  • Great products
  • Great service
  • Expert technical and industry know-how
Established over 30 years ago, The Fire Brick & Refractory Company is an Australian owned and
operated company that is an industry leader in the supply of quality refractory and high temperature
ceramic materials to both the domestic and commercial sectors.
Created to be a 'one-stop refractory shop', we supply high quality materials, that are predominantly
made in Australia, and which thrive in high temperature environments and can be used in roofs or
walls and Italian wood ovens etc. Our range of applications includes:
  • Fire bricks that line kilns, Italian wood ovens, pizza ovens, fire places and furnaces
  • High temperature concrete that can withstand and remain intact during high levels of heat
  • High temperature insulation which ensures minimum heat loss while providing the utmost in safety
  • High temperature mortars which guarantee crucial heat resistance and protection
  • Plus an additional range of refractory products such as ceramic fire blankets, high temperature
    calcium silicate boards and high temperature calcium aluminate cement

Your Expert Fire Brick and Refractory Provider

The friendly team at The Fire Brick & Refractory Company all have advanced technical knowledge and
support skills. They are committed to providing customers with a personalized service be it for
domestic or commercial applications such as those found below:

Domestic Applications

  • Cooking - pizza ovens, Italian wood ovens, outdoor barbeques
  • Heating - wood fires, alfresco fireplaces, boilers, gas fire places
  • Construction - model trains, welding tables
  • Hobby kilns - pottery, art or craft, jewellery making and growing medium hydroponics
  • Insulation - roof and walls
  • Incubation - often used as substrate for various animals or the incubation of eggs

Commercial Applications

  • Food related industries - bakeries, restaurants and shops
  • Crematoriums - normal and pet cemeteries
  • Industry - where kilns are required
  • Facilities - schools, hospitals, laboratories and other facilities
  • Retail - hardware stores, building suppliers, barbeque suppliers and garden suppliers


For industry we provide a broad range of innovative Shinagawa products which are all backed up by
our ability to provide top technical support. We proudly have an alliance with Shinagawa who have
modern production facilities in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. As Shinagawa's sole distributor in
Victoria we provide a range of their excellent products such as:
  • Dry pressed alumina bricks ranging from 35 - 95 per cent alumina content
  • Dense and cement-bonded castables with correct formulation provide excellent reliability and performance
  • Durable conventional castable gunning which cover all applications and temperatures up to 1850C
  • Low cement casting low cement that use highest grade aggregates, cements and additives
  • Low cement gunning combines properties of low cement castables, with the quickness and
    simplicity of installing by gunning
  • High temperature mortars crucial for fire bricks and high temperature concretes
  • Self-flow castables designed for ease of installation
  • Basic monolithic refractories with high strength and a unique bonding system
  • Insulating monolithics for use up to 1800C.
  • Mouldables strength and volume stability no matter the temperature
  • Clay and alumina based mortars

More Information

To find out how we can assist you with your refractory and high temperature ceramic material needs
you can speak with one of our friendly staff by phoning 03 9314 3211 or sending an online enquiry.
You can also visit The Fire Brick & Refractory Company at West Circuit Sunshine West, Victoria.
The Firebrick & Refractory Company
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